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Sunrise Natural Foods is a wholesale distributor of quality nuts, dried fruits, seeds, spices, party mixes, snacks, bakery supplies and more.  Founded in 1985, Sunrise services supermarkets, food markets, restaurants, bakeries and food service institutions throughout the greater Houston Area.  Our customers come in all sizes,   and we never forget that our success is derived from the success of our customers. We work hard to bring only the best products at the best price,” he added.

In the beginning, Sunrise Natural Foods was, well, nuts about nuts.  Our product line consisted primarily of fresh nuts and dried fruits.  Our goal was never to be the biggest, only the best.  We scoured the globe to in an effort to bring only the highest quality products to the market. Sunrise steadfastly believed that if we provided our customers with a quality product, excellent customer service, and a fair price that we would share in our customers success and our business wouldl thrive.  And it did.  Soon our product line expanded to include not only fresh nuts and dried fruits, but also chocolates, confectionaries, party mixes, seeds, bakery products, spices, candy, and more.

Today, Sunrise is on the leading edge in bringing to the marketplace new and innovative products that today’s consumers want.  We know that customers are more health conscious than ever and this year they introduced new products to meet this demand.   Our Veggie Snacks are whole pieces of a variety (including okra, green beans, carrots, garlic pods and mixed fruit) of vegetables that have been vacuum fried and de-oiled to offer a healthier alternative to chips and candy.   And if it sounds too healthy to taste good, then you are in for a surprise.

With Sunrise, no customer is too big and no customer is too small.  Whether you need their whole line of products or just need a single item like gift tins for the holidays, Sunrise is ready to help your business succeed.

Sunrise Natural Foods-Bringing to the marketplace new and innovative products that today’s consumers want